Xu Fan & Joe Hedges 

Curated by Jiemei Lin 

July 30- August 7, 2016

Sishu Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, China. 

Exhibition Statement 

Telepresence is a two-person exhibition featuring artists Joe Hedges (Pullman, Washington, USA) and Xu Fan (Beijing, China).  In these works, each artist explores Eastern and Western ideas about art and technology using desperate media and processes.  Xu Fan’s highly-rendered oil paintings in the Renaissance tradition contrast with Hedges’ new media installation and hanging scrolls to pose questions including:  When comparing cultures and civilizations, are there any objective metrics of success?  How does media technology function in different societies and between individuals from different cultures?  How have ideas about physical space changed in a digitally-mediated world?  As communications technology collapses the space between individuals and nations, we forget to remember the oceans between us.



漂洋过海:徐帆 JOE HEDGES 雙人展 
Telepresence: Xu Fan x JOE HEDGES

《漂洋过海》是艺术家徐帆和Joe Hedges合作的一个有关东西方艺术和科技的探索和对话。 




艺术家|Artist:徐帆 JOE HEDGES

策展人| Curator:高登科 林介眉 

开幕时间 |Opening:2016 . 7 . 30 . 周六 . 15:00

展览时间 |Exhibition Dates:7.30 - 8.15.2016

地址 |Venue:北京市朝阳区酒仙桥2号798艺术区中一街 思塾画廊


Artists Xu Fan and Joe Hedges 

Artists Xu Fan and Joe Hedges 

The Show information on  artnetnews

The Show information on artnetnews